Friday, 30 March 2012

Printable Easter Tags; You Give Them Some Sass

I wanted to make some quick and easy to use and "pretty up" Easter printable tags for us all this year.  Usually I use a boring blank tag for treat bags because I am grabbing whatever I can last minute but alas the cycle has broken tonight!  I whipped up this sheet of tags with a simple bunny image that I greyed out so you can put your own personal twist on the little fella depending on what you are attaching him to (loving not using my colour printer for this).  Although you don't see it above, Ellie's gift tag will also get a small white pom pom attached to the bunny for a tail (I will use the glue gun for that in the morning).
Here is what you need.
Print the template here, pull out some coloured pencils, paints, glitter etc etc and make these bad boys your own.  I love that I happened to have a piece of Kraft card stock and I look forward to using the rest of these tags with some twine.  Notice I also ran the pencil around the edge of the tag which you may want to consider as they looked as though they were "missing" something when I neglected that the first go round.
I hope you like them and they become a part of your holiday this year.

Quickly a note about the One Of A Kind Show in Toronto that I went to last night.  Lots of nice things, two vendors in particular I think I will share with you but as neither were Easter oriented lets hold off until after the holiday.  Other than that it was a great outing of sanity with mom although we were out far far too late for a work night...  ugh if only my younger self could see what a wimp I have turned into! 

Night all,


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