Monday, 26 March 2012

DIY Paper Easter Baskets

I love teachers!  They really do know everything but even more fascinating to me is that they can pull it all off with a large number of kids in 10 minutes or less.  Take for example this perfectly festive paper Easter basket that my son made today with his teachers Kathleen and Nelvie. 

Kathleen was kind enough to show me how she put them together in order to share with all of you.  First you need a square sheet of paper, this one is 10 inches, with slits cut up the corners towards the centre approximately 4 inches.  

You then simply pull the sides together and fasten.  Kathleen used a stapler (because she needed to make a million of them) but when I do this I think I will use a needle, thread and a pretty button to secure the sides of the basket.

 Then you just need to fasten on a rectangle to make the handle and you are good to go onto the decorating station!  I may use my scalloped scissors to add some sass to my handle.
Aren't they adorable?!!  Way to go son, I love it and look forward to you bringing it home.

Kathleen, thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!


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