Wednesday, 7 March 2012

A Great Mom Story: Spoiled Totz

I love meeting and hearing from mom's that seem to have it all pulled helps to get me through the day knowing that it IS in fact possible.

I met one such mom recently and just had to share her success story.  Zyna a totally down to earth and cool gal started Spoiled Totz in October 2011 which has already made a significant mark in children's accessories.  Like many of us she is a mom of two and at 35 was forced into a new venture due to downsizing at her corporate workplace....out of the ashes rises the phoenix and Zyna is certainly a rising star. 

Check out her on-line store (which does ship internationally by the way) and stick around to watch this gal grow! 

I know The Swell Dish will be following and cheering her on.

You go girl!


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