Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Ocean Nautical/Under the Sea Party Room Decor

The room didn't turn out the way that I had in my head for several reasons but ultimately I was able to improvise and get it close enough to what I was looking for.  Wall backdrops in my opinion are the quickest way to truly transform a room however it takes a lot to keep them on the walls.  Thankfully this house is scheduled for a major reno this summer so my hubby didn't cringe as much as I thought he might with all the tape I was using to hold these suckers up.  I did however get the lecture about how we would not be "doing this" in the new house.... ;o)

 Here is a shot of the ceiling decoration.  The plan was to actually have hundreds of individual streamers hanging down but I couldn't get the tape to stick to the ceiling so I came up with the above using thumb tacks.  Boy am I ever glad I was wise enough to keep their length out of the reach of the children; something you may want to also consider.
The tissue flowers (DIY, posted here on the blog) added to the party well along with the occasional hanging puff fish.
 Much of the food and table decor was done in fish bowls which people seemed to like.  I personally loved the small ocean Dixie cups beside the fish crackers; perfect for little hands. 

 Finally to finish off this post we have the Ocean Nautical/Under the Sea water bottle labels.  These like so many of the things I do are very very easy but make a huge impact....don't you love the "she thinks of EVERYTHING!" comments you hear floating around.  Warms my heart.

You can download a free generic ocean/sea printable set of water bottle labels here

Tomorrow is the Ocean/Under The Sea birthday banners. 

Check it out.


Ocean Wall Backdrops:  Buycostumes.com and The Amazing Party Store
Fish Bowls:  Michaels

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