Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Springing Into Action With Potted Bulbs And Easter Eggs

Now that I have my plate clean for awhile from birthday party obligations I am finally able to get excited about spring and Easter.  I have many ideas as to things that I want to do this season but I first needed to fix the house up to celebrate the end of winter.  This for me always means that we have fresh potted bulbs from the local markets and I have my favourites: white tulips, white hyacinths, grape hyacinths and the white crocus.  I have a stock of various white or off white ceramic and glass pots that I throw the ugly plastic green bulb pots into and voila, spring has sprung a casa Dish.

Today I decided to spruce up my beautiful pots with a bit of Easter whimsy, see below.

I am sure you could buy something similar from a floral design store but I like to make my own.  I bought these little eggs from one of my favourite stores (which you will see me site many many times over the lifetime of this blog)  The Creative Bag.  Although I have never done it, you can order from them on-line. 

I felt happier today just by having the bulbed flowers in the house. 
Why don't you treat yourself and pick up a few?


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