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Friday, 6 April 2012

A Few Interesting Egg Decorating Tips I Wish I Knew Years Ago

So this particular post will not wow you with our professionally decorated coloured eggs, in fact it may underwhelm you with our low skill level.  No this post is to give you a few tips that I picked up from Mrs. Q this year that I can't believe I didn't know before now...nothing earth shattering but helpful.  Egg decorating to me is about the kids no matter the age level but as I have particularly young kids things need to be simple. 

Tip #1:  Use either empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls as your egg stands.  Cut them approximately 1 inch deep and you are sitting pretty!
 Tip #2. A simple white crayon before dying allows you to create whatever look you like, protecting those covered areas from the dyes. This is how I created the monogrammed eggs in the first photo. You can be really creative with this!
Tip #3.  With little ones choose mixed medias for your decorating that are easier for them to work with.  Below is the sequenced egg my son made...I think we decided it was a robot.  We also used stickers, markers etc.
Like I said nothing earth shattering, you are probably doing all of them already and obviously it is me that needs to brush up on my Easter Egg decorating skills!  Thanks again Mrs Q!

Happy Good Friday.


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Easter Egg Filled Paper Carrots

 I've been looking and thinking for a few weeks now as to what I was going to make for my son to share with the kids in his class tomorrow.  I saw this totally adorable idea on Oh Happy Day and I just had to give it a try. 

See the visual "How To" below:
A few notes. 
1.  Size of the paper for each cone is 8.5x5.5 (8.5x11 cut in half).
2.  Paper for both the cone and the greens are just a regular printing paper (not card stock).
3.  Depending on how tightly you make your cone you will need anywhere between 5-7 eggs.  Those below have 7 chocolate Easter eggs in each. 
4.  The greens are cut 1/4 inch wide. 
5.  Be assured the more you do the better you get so don't panic if you seem to be all thumbs in the beginning...I most certainly was!!

Wouldn't these be absolutely perfect for an outdoor egg hunt?!!  I love it!!

Happy crafting all.


Monday, 2 April 2012

A Twist On Decorating Easter Eggs: Here Comes The Chocolate!

My family was invited to decorate Easter eggs yesterday with our friends up the street and what a creative group they are! Sure we did the traditional egg dying but this brilliant mom came up with an easy and fun kid craft that really stole the show. She set us up to paint with coloured chocolate and pre-made chocolate Easter eggs; above is my eldest son's creation.
You need the Nestle Smarties filled chocolate eggs (these came in a carton like package), paint trays with brushes and different coloured melting chocolate from your local bulk food store.  The older girls put the trays of the chocolate pieces into the microwave for less than one minute (longer and the chocolate burns we determined) and we were ready.  Great idea right?!  No worries about needing to be delicate with the fragile white eggs and everything was safe and edible lest it get onto hands and into mouths.
This last photo was the egg I made to resemble my husband...he didn't see the likeness (he doesn't have as good an eye as I do apparently for this sort of thing).

Thanks Q Family!!  We had a blast.


(Candy eyes also from the Bulk Food Store:  Bulk Barn)

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Unique Easter Finds

The great thing about my day job is I have time between appointments to mill around a bit in fun areas within the city.  I now carry my camera everywhere as I never know when I will fall in love with something and then spend the rest of the day annoyed that I couldn't snap a picture of it.  Earlier this week I came across these happy Easter finds and wanted to share. 

As I mentioned during our Valentine's prep I am always looking for items to give my kids at holidays that aren't edible.   In this French inspired boutique, Belle De Provence, I found several Easter items that oozed cuteness and no calories.  What do you think about the little tin eggs seen in the above and below pictures?  In my mind I see these hung on a little Easter tree, each one filled with a perfect spring surprise.  I also have a crush on the bunny couple above...

 These candy jars would be beautiful in a shop window and the royal trio below would add perfectly to my holiday mantel decor.
 I had the pleasure of talking briefly to Sabrina, the manager of the Belle De Provence store in Bayview Village Shopping Centre in Toronto and asked her how she would describe the store.  It's a French Vintage themed shop with a strong feminine approach to luxury bath/body products and gift ware.  You can buy all of their bath and body products on-line but unfortunately the gift ware is only available in the store (although if you call they will ship gift ware items to you).
Not a bad adventure to break up the work day and certainly worth checking out if you are in the area and need to indulge yourself.  Sadly since I was focused on Easter I didn't pick up any bath products for myself whilst I was there....I guess a soak in the baby bubble bath will have to do for tonight. 

Night all,

Belle De Provence --- Bayview Village Shopping Centre
2901 Bayview Ave, Toronto, Ontario M2K 1E6

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Printable Easter Egg Stained Glass Template

Simple and pretty eggs to create some Easter bunting or window art for the holiday gatherings.  The first egg pattern allows for much creativity either with your hand punches or scissors.  I like the delicate butterfly pattern that doesn't overwhelm the eye and balances off the heavy pattern of the other egg. This would look wonderful with the two patterns alternating down the line. 
Special "How To" Notes:
1.  Each egg requires a front and a back with the tissue paper in the you need two egg cut outs for every one egg.
2.  The heavier the card stock the better for the eggs as you reduce the chance of being able to see the tissue pieces through the card stock when held up to the light.
3.  When punching or cutting patterns into the card stock eggs ensure that you punch/cut the two together in order to ensure the patterns line up perfectly.
 You can download the egg template here.
Love to hear your thoughts and hope you enjoy.

Night all,

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Classy Easter Printable Art

I love being able to change some of the artwork on my mantel based upon the season and holiday.  This year I liked the idea of mixing mediums a bit with the printable egg framed and then adding a bit of a pop with a ribbon bow.  Some years I have more than one printable but this year I liked the idea of having the same image in different sizes with coordinating bows.

I printed this image as a jpeg at my local photo finisher but as you may just want to print it at home you can download the pdf version here.

A crazy easy way to quickly add some understated class to your holiday decor.  I personally love it.
See you all Monday, have a wonderful end to your weekend.


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Springing Into Action With Potted Bulbs And Easter Eggs

Now that I have my plate clean for awhile from birthday party obligations I am finally able to get excited about spring and Easter.  I have many ideas as to things that I want to do this season but I first needed to fix the house up to celebrate the end of winter.  This for me always means that we have fresh potted bulbs from the local markets and I have my favourites: white tulips, white hyacinths, grape hyacinths and the white crocus.  I have a stock of various white or off white ceramic and glass pots that I throw the ugly plastic green bulb pots into and voila, spring has sprung a casa Dish.

Today I decided to spruce up my beautiful pots with a bit of Easter whimsy, see below.

I am sure you could buy something similar from a floral design store but I like to make my own.  I bought these little eggs from one of my favourite stores (which you will see me site many many times over the lifetime of this blog)  The Creative Bag.  Although I have never done it, you can order from them on-line. 

I felt happier today just by having the bulbed flowers in the house. 
Why don't you treat yourself and pick up a few?