Monday, 2 April 2012

A Twist On Decorating Easter Eggs: Here Comes The Chocolate!

My family was invited to decorate Easter eggs yesterday with our friends up the street and what a creative group they are! Sure we did the traditional egg dying but this brilliant mom came up with an easy and fun kid craft that really stole the show. She set us up to paint with coloured chocolate and pre-made chocolate Easter eggs; above is my eldest son's creation.
You need the Nestle Smarties filled chocolate eggs (these came in a carton like package), paint trays with brushes and different coloured melting chocolate from your local bulk food store.  The older girls put the trays of the chocolate pieces into the microwave for less than one minute (longer and the chocolate burns we determined) and we were ready.  Great idea right?!  No worries about needing to be delicate with the fragile white eggs and everything was safe and edible lest it get onto hands and into mouths.
This last photo was the egg I made to resemble my husband...he didn't see the likeness (he doesn't have as good an eye as I do apparently for this sort of thing).

Thanks Q Family!!  We had a blast.


(Candy eyes also from the Bulk Food Store:  Bulk Barn)

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