Sunday, 1 April 2012

What To Do With Left Over Cake Batter?

Today's craft with my son was to make the cake for a little project that we will complete tomorrow for you to see later in the week (assuming all goes well).  Because of that I had excess cake batter that needed to be made up into something and I had the perfect answer.

A girlfriend a while ago gave me a cake pan that has 6 mini "present" moulds in it and we used it to make four petite gateau.  Now after the experience with my son to make these little beauties I was exhausted and wanted the decorating portion of the cake adventure to be very very simple and quick to complete.   With that, I used a cup of icing sugar and a bit of water to make a paste which I then painted with a paint brush onto certain areas of the present awaiting sprinkle application.

A super easy way to have fun on a Saturday afternoon with my wee chef and hopefully we will do it all again tomorrow!

Night all, remember no post tomorrow.
See you Monday.


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