Friday, 6 April 2012

A Few Interesting Egg Decorating Tips I Wish I Knew Years Ago

So this particular post will not wow you with our professionally decorated coloured eggs, in fact it may underwhelm you with our low skill level.  No this post is to give you a few tips that I picked up from Mrs. Q this year that I can't believe I didn't know before now...nothing earth shattering but helpful.  Egg decorating to me is about the kids no matter the age level but as I have particularly young kids things need to be simple. 

Tip #1:  Use either empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls as your egg stands.  Cut them approximately 1 inch deep and you are sitting pretty!
 Tip #2. A simple white crayon before dying allows you to create whatever look you like, protecting those covered areas from the dyes. This is how I created the monogrammed eggs in the first photo. You can be really creative with this!
Tip #3.  With little ones choose mixed medias for your decorating that are easier for them to work with.  Below is the sequenced egg my son made...I think we decided it was a robot.  We also used stickers, markers etc.
Like I said nothing earth shattering, you are probably doing all of them already and obviously it is me that needs to brush up on my Easter Egg decorating skills!  Thanks again Mrs Q!

Happy Good Friday.


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