Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Wedding Preparation: The Bonbonniere

As many brides are frantically trying to put final arrangements together for their plans this coming wedding season I thought it would be fun to chat here and there about ideas for "the big day".  What gave me the idea to start with bonbonnieres was a discussion I had this afternoon with a friend who is in the very process of narrowing down what she will do as a guest favour.  I don't want to spoil anything but she came up with something brilliant for her fall wedding (which I hope to eventually post) but above is another idea that is very popular right now.

The charitable donation makes a ton of sense to me but I agree that I still like the idea of guests walking away with a small something at the end of the night.  With that I love the above as it is the perfect answer: a cookie, a charitable logo and a thank you tag says it all.  This was from the wedding of my Aunt and Uncle several years ago and I believe they were made by Cat at Sugar Baking.  If you are looking she does fantastic work, and is certainly work checking out.

Great right?!  Love to hear what you think is popular right now.

Happy planning you brides.


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