Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Testing A Penny To Keep Cut Flowers Fresh

Today I decided to test an old wives tale that I have heard many times concerning increasing the longevity of your cut stems.  Ms LTB| our floral correspondent tells me that many florists believe that the copper content of the pennies acts as an antibacterial agent in the vase and I decide to test the hypothesis.

I recognise that in conjunction with the penny some sort of food additive should be considered but to minimise variables we will stick to the penny addition only.

Alright...I also recognise to do this properly I should of had a control vase of simply water and then perhaps a second vase of food and no penny but alas this started as me treating myself to some fleurs and I didn't envision a research paper.

I'm exhausted already....lets simplify and just see how we fare. 

Time to shut the brain down!


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  1. Which are the best flowers for Valentine day? Can you please share some images?