Monday, 9 April 2012

Long Lives the PoPo Poncho During The Spring Season!

I am a total sucker for a great story and even more of a sucker when I can relate to that story.  So often now the stories I rally behind are what I call "The 3 Tiered Mom Tales".  Torrid roller coaster narratives about one fabulous woman juggling career, family and side business.  I love talking to these women for energy and inspiration but more importantly I love to be able to help them out whenever possible.

I was fortunate to meet one such woman at the One Of A Kind Spring Show in Toronto a few weeks ago.  Sharon Shum is the owner of Po Po's Ponchos out in Vancouver, BC and literally appears to be pulling it all off seamlessly.  In sales by day, kids clothier by night and mother all the time she is finding a niche for herself as another of Canada's working/entrepreneurial moms.
I met Sharon because I beelined for her booth...and it wasn't because I knew anything about her, it was simply due to the stunning products she had on display.  These ponchos ooze quality both in look and feel and I fell in love with several of them. 

PoPo's Ponchos (popo = grandmother in Chinese) has been around since 2007 and carries both a rain and fleece line of products.  The poncho's come in 3 sizes (for ages up to 6 years) and are easily maintained with the washing machine and a good tumble dry.  I just adore that this is one overcoat that kids can learn to put on themselves...thank you Sharon!
You can order a fantastic poncho off the PoPo's Ponchos website and Sharon does ship internationally. 

Sharon, it was an absolute pleasure.  Please keep in touch with us as we would love to follow your success.

Night all,

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