Sunday, 30 December 2012

Pirate Party Food, "Shiver Me Timbers I'm Hungry!"


Here is a quick look at some of the food I put out for this party.  With many school mates running a muck I had plenty of pizza and other mini pirate friendlies for them to feast on.  I also had a platter of fancy sandwiches for the parent folk...

 The veggie planks were a big hit...I should serve this more often at home, maybe my kids would eat more veggies without the typical family stress at dinnertime. 

 I love Dixie cups...and not for drinking out of.  They are the perfect snack holder at parties for little hands.  Parents scoop in the fish into the cups for the kids to eat on the go.  Love it!

So I will make these available to you for printing somehow...  Please stay posted on that given Scribd is no longer an option.

Happy day everyone, hope you are spending it with family.


Saturday, 29 December 2012

It has come to my attention. My printables not free on Scribd.


It has come to my attention that the site Scribd that I have been using to upload my free printables for your use has in fact been charging a fee to get access to their network (including my uploads).

My sincerest apologies and trust me when I tell you I am royally annoyed!

I need to figure out a solution but admittedly I need to pull in the advice of a gal pal on this one as my tech savvyness is officially non existent in this area. 

I will not remove the documents from Scribd until I have a solution and can repost them elsewhere.  If you need support during this time please email me directly at

Apologies again,


Friday, 28 December 2012

Time to return to shore. Pirate's AHOY!

My friends,
After some time away I have so much to share with you and how better to steer the boat ashore than with this pirate themed party for my eldest held this past fall.  Being completely uprooted, currently in temporary housing whilst we renovate our casa this party invite needed to wow without any requirement of special spice.
Yep, this wee invite was created by staring at the non existent crafting supplies around me and making it work with nothing but mega creativity.  Granted obviously these bad boys were hand delivered but they still had the desired effect I was looking wee man excited to bring along some mates for adventure.

The how to was simple, some flags glue gunned to tooth picks and then to the legal sized invite folded into a paper boat.  Click here for a how to fold your own boat.

Crazy cute right?!

Check back soon for more to this story...


PS When distributing you may want to verbally clarify it is a party invitation...long story, just take my word for it. ;o)