Sunday, 30 December 2012

Pirate Party Food, "Shiver Me Timbers I'm Hungry!"


Here is a quick look at some of the food I put out for this party.  With many school mates running a muck I had plenty of pizza and other mini pirate friendlies for them to feast on.  I also had a platter of fancy sandwiches for the parent folk...

 The veggie planks were a big hit...I should serve this more often at home, maybe my kids would eat more veggies without the typical family stress at dinnertime. 

 I love Dixie cups...and not for drinking out of.  They are the perfect snack holder at parties for little hands.  Parents scoop in the fish into the cups for the kids to eat on the go.  Love it!

So I will make these available to you for printing somehow...  Please stay posted on that given Scribd is no longer an option.

Happy day everyone, hope you are spending it with family.



  1. Everything looks amazing! I really like the food labels.

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