Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Our Spring Butterfly Dessert For The Easter Gathering

So here is the cake that I mentioned a few days ago my son and I created for the Easter Warm Up party we went to on Sunday.  It is super fun to decorate for the kids (okay...for us too) and reasonably easy to make.  I tried it once as a two layer cake and it didn't work out as perfectly as it does as a one layer so I would suggest you make two butterflies or use the left over cake batter for another project.

See below for a visual "how to".

I had a wonderful realisation during the making of this cake with my beautiful son.  It occurred to me although I always tried to do crafts with my kids it was never to the level of that which I do now in order to keep up the blog for all of you.  I started this blog to ensure that in my busy life there was a part of the day that I kept for myself.  It is evident to me now that by doing this project the reward is far more than I ever could have imagined for both myself and my kids.   

Thank you all for continuing to come and support this little project.  I hope our adventures really do translate into time spent with you and your family.



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