Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Unique Easter Finds

The great thing about my day job is I have time between appointments to mill around a bit in fun areas within the city.  I now carry my camera everywhere as I never know when I will fall in love with something and then spend the rest of the day annoyed that I couldn't snap a picture of it.  Earlier this week I came across these happy Easter finds and wanted to share. 

As I mentioned during our Valentine's prep I am always looking for items to give my kids at holidays that aren't edible.   In this French inspired boutique, Belle De Provence, I found several Easter items that oozed cuteness and no calories.  What do you think about the little tin eggs seen in the above and below pictures?  In my mind I see these hung on a little Easter tree, each one filled with a perfect spring surprise.  I also have a crush on the bunny couple above...

 These candy jars would be beautiful in a shop window and the royal trio below would add perfectly to my holiday mantel decor.
 I had the pleasure of talking briefly to Sabrina, the manager of the Belle De Provence store in Bayview Village Shopping Centre in Toronto and asked her how she would describe the store.  It's a French Vintage themed shop with a strong feminine approach to luxury bath/body products and gift ware.  You can buy all of their bath and body products on-line but unfortunately the gift ware is only available in the store (although if you call they will ship gift ware items to you).
Not a bad adventure to break up the work day and certainly worth checking out if you are in the area and need to indulge yourself.  Sadly since I was focused on Easter I didn't pick up any bath products for myself whilst I was there....I guess a soak in the baby bubble bath will have to do for tonight. 

Night all,

Belle De Provence --- Bayview Village Shopping Centre
2901 Bayview Ave, Toronto, Ontario M2K 1E6

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