Monday, 12 March 2012

Printable Ocean/Nautical/Under The Sea 1st Birthday Invite

Where does one start with walking through this Under The Sea/Nautical party?  At the printable invite I suppose and instead of showing the one I created for my son I thought you would prefer to see the one I created for all of you. 
If anyone would like to have a general age invite created please drop me a comment and I will make one...but unless there is a need I'll work on making other things. 

You can download the printable sheet with crop marks here.

All the kids were given sailor hats to wear with their nautical blues, some wore them, some didn't but none were cuter than this little fella.  xo

So here is the schedule for the week:
Tuesday:  Room & Decor
Wednesday:  Birthday Banners (totally the hit of the party)
Thursday:  Cake (so easy)
Friday:  Cupcake toppers (wait until you check these out!)
Saturday:  Party games

I hope this works for you.



Sailor Hats:  The Amazing Party Store


  1. Thanks! I expect you are probably better at taking photos than I!!

  2. Hello! I love your invitation! Any cance you can send me a template free of texts? It is for a french speaking child. I will then try to put a picure of my boy's face inside the submarin. Thanks a lot ! Ana