Tuesday, 6 March 2012

DIY Grass and Rose Wedding Centrepiece

I (well Mom did most of the work today) was working on some of the centrepieces for the birthday party on the weekend and the colours reminded me of this wedding centrepiece we did a few years ago.

The bride and I had a vision of what we were looking for but when talking to the florist I remember thinking perhaps we should tackle this one on our own.  I knew it wouldn't be difficult and I knew where to get what we needed but I had no idea how we were going to transport them.  Thank goodness for resourceful bridesmaids!

Biggest piece of advice.  Do a practise piece months before the wedding to make sure you work out all the kinks.  Pay careful attention to how much you spray the roots of the grass with water before putting it into the container and see how many days after that before it starts to wilt.  Valuable, valuable info!

You Need:
1.  Flats of catgrass, which we ordered from a local fruit market
2.  Containers
3.  A knife
4.  A spray bottle

How To:
1.  Use the bottom of the container to make a template in cardboard as to how big the grass strip should be.
2.  Cut strips the width of your template in the grass.
3.  Divide the strips into the lengths you need for each container. 
4.  Spray with water heavily both the roots and the bottom of the container before assembling.
5.  Assemble and store in a dark, cool place overnight.
6.  Morning of function, cut and stick in a random arrangement of sweetheart roses if desired.

1.  Don't make the width of the grass bigger than the container as when you try to assemble the grass will fold in on itself and look terrible. 
2.  If the grass in the container is too low, stuff some grass clipping in the container first and it will lift up the strip for you.  Again ensure that everything is well watered.

A beautiful and fresh DIY centrepiece for any occasion.


Wedding photography by Xero Digital

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