Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Printable Easter Egg Stained Glass Template

Simple and pretty eggs to create some Easter bunting or window art for the holiday gatherings.  The first egg pattern allows for much creativity either with your hand punches or scissors.  I like the delicate butterfly pattern that doesn't overwhelm the eye and balances off the heavy pattern of the other egg. This would look wonderful with the two patterns alternating down the line. 
Special "How To" Notes:
1.  Each egg requires a front and a back with the tissue paper in the middle....so you need two egg cut outs for every one egg.
2.  The heavier the card stock the better for the eggs as you reduce the chance of being able to see the tissue pieces through the card stock when held up to the light.
3.  When punching or cutting patterns into the card stock eggs ensure that you punch/cut the two together in order to ensure the patterns line up perfectly.
 You can download the egg template here.
Love to hear your thoughts and hope you enjoy.

Night all,

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