Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Oh "Kid Culture" How Do I Love Thee!

I have one girlfriend in particular that always seems to know "cool stuff", those wonderful pieces of information that you file thinking "must look into".  Well here is one of her finds that I just had to track down for myself. 

Kid Culture is a brilliantly eclectic (eclectic cool not eclectic weird or "look at all of this junk") store in the Dundas Junction, west Toronto.  

The store only having been open since September 2011 has made a niche for itself in this up and coming artsy family community coined "The Junction".  Clare Raman, owner, busy mother of 2 girls and an experienced crafter herself calls this little store her charm bracelet and I completely agree.  Not only is Kid Culture charming but every piece Clare carries is unique and made by someone with love. 

One item in particular that makes me light up is the over sized t-shirt super hero capes with coordinating crowns. Old made new and way more fun, what could be better than that?!

 Clare also carries a full section of boys clothing, not just boring filler pieces but each a real show stopper.  I bought my eldest son the Toronto streetcar (black bottom left) and subway (centre bottom) Ts below and not only was I (again) the coolest mom but happily we now have full blown tantrums every day if he can't wear one...thanks Clare....
If its one of a kind girls clothing you are looking for again I assure you there will be no disappointment here.

Want to check it out?  Clare is working on setting up her website so you can order to have things shipped out to you but in the mean time I would call her to chat...she's lovely. 

Kid Culture  2986 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario 416.859.9006



  1. Thank You so Much J.D awesome review!!!
    Glad to hear your son loves his shirts

  2. Fantastic review. Thanks Clare for making your store so welcoming and fun for parents and children!

  3. Thanks ladies! Claudia, you have some beautiful items in Clare's store. The first time I had heard of Kid Culture was because my girlfriend's daughter was wearing one of your items! Check it out folks!