Saturday, 3 March 2012

February's Entry Into The SwellDish Toronto's Best Bakeries Showdown: Sweet Bliss Baking Company

Foodie gal pal and I started our year of finding Toronto's Best Bakeries and we started the bar off high by going to Sweet Bliss Baking Company in Leaside (411 below). 

First a quick note on judging criteria (which you should never discuss with a "foodie" unless you mean business!).  Each bakery will be judged on 3 items, the first a chocolate cupcake, second a butter tart and third the staff suggestion as to the bakery speciality.  Should the bakery speciality be either the first or second item, we the judges reserve the right to choose the third.

The bakery is judged on the shop, staff, value, packaging, product look, taste (broken down into 5 categories and given a star value from 1-5) and then an overall rating for the experience.  Most of this info you will never see but we will use it to determine our supreme winner at the end of the year.  Clear as mud right?! 

The Sweet Bliss Baking Company, owned and operated by Chris and Christine for the past 6 years was this months visit and entry into the contest.  This fantastic duo is happy to chat about the shop, their products and really added to our "experience" at the store.  The store itself is quaint, country and homey which is a pleasant surprise when coming in off the busy Toronto street.

Check out the three judged items below:  Chocolate Cupcake, Butter Tart and (we chose) the Cinnamon Roll which appears to be the weekend favourite from this shop.

The chocolate cupcake was by far the day favourite by both judges commenting on the perfect balance of flavors between the sweetness of the frosting and the weight of the cake.  Five Stars

The butter tart was a close second with a creamy, caramelly centre (no raisins, yeah) and a buttery crispy crust.  It was delectable although one of us preferred a softer crust similar to a more traditional tart mind you unquestionably we would still drive across the city to get one.  Four Stars

The cinnamon roll rounded out the day and although very good was shadowed by the first two items.  That's what you get I guess for raising the bar so high Sweet Bliss.  Three Stars.

We left this store with the following (which in itself should speak volumes):
1 chocolate cupcake                        1 butter tart
1 cinnamon roll                               1 red velvet cupcake
1 carrot cupcake                              1 whoopie pie
1 bag raspberry jam cookies           1 bag double chocolate cookies
1 lemon pound cake                        1 lemon square
1 vanilla cupcake

Some of the items were good and some were EXCELLENT but ultimately the experience was a pleasant one and we are grateful for the entry.

Thanks again Chris and Christine.  See you very very soon.

Remember friends, no post tomorrow.  See you Monday.


Sweet Bliss Baking Company -- Cupcakes and Cakes
1304 Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario M4L 1C4

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