Friday, 23 March 2012

Start The Season Off Right: Bunny and Nest Cupcakes

I went into my crafting archive for this post as I thought we needed to start off the food part of this season with something sweet and easy!  Let's be straight ANYONE can pull off the nest cupcake with some coconut and Cadbury Mini Eggs. 

If however you have a Sunday free why not try crafting some bunny heads with either some modelling chocolate (you can buy or make) or fondant.  To create the bunny ears I used  two sizes of flower cutters (the petal portion specifically) and stuck them together.  I then painted the nose and inner part of the ear with pink luster dust (luster dust, some colourless vanilla and a paint brush).  The hardest part of making these little bunnies was trying not to permanently stain my hands while mixing a small amount of fondant with black colouring to make the eyes. 

Fun right?

Get the kids involved in this one.

Night all.


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