Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Under The Sea Nautical 1st Birthday Party: General Overview

Well it was a wonderful day but I'd be lying through my teeth if I tried to pretend I wasn't exhausted...falling asleep in front of the computer screen exhausted.  As promised however here is a small teaser of today's festivities.   More to follow....

My baby brother is a star and goes to any length for his nephews.  I abuse him like any big sister should but I love him and he always comes through...what a super sport.  You rock bro...thank you (you too Jill).

This gentleman was welcoming his fellow sailors and ushering them through to the galley for the festivities.  Welcome aboard all!

A brief peak at the under the sea party room.

So off to bed for a deep slumber.  Thank goodness tomorrow is Sunday (remember no blog post).

This week look forward to free printables and instructions as to how you can create much of this party for yourself.


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