Monday, 5 March 2012

Resurrection of the Ribbon Stick....Get in Shape Girl!!

Working hard to get ready for my second sons first birthday and wanted to create these ribbon sticks for the kids to dance with.  Sure there may be a complicated way to make them but I assure you I simply do not have the time but I still think they turned out fantastically.

You need the below and do yourself the favour of buying the wooden dowels at Home Depot and not at a craft store, it will save you several dollars.

1.  Cut the dowels into one foot sticks.  You can use sand paper to soften the edges but as I didn't have any I took them outside and filed them on the sidewalk (make due with what you've got is my motto). 
2.  Use a wrench to clamp one end of the stick enough to make a serious indent on both sides (this is so that the ribbon won't slide off the end of the stick). 
3.  Cut the ribbon (I made each 6 feet) and pull out the wire if your ribbon has one.
4.  Tie the ribbon tightly around the indent on the stick.

Easy right?!  Go know you want to...yes you can play with it for a bit.


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