Monday, 19 March 2012

Nautical/Ocean/Under The Sea Birthday Party Games

Well here we are at the end of the Under The Sea birthday party and now you get to see some of the kids having fun which was the real theme of the party.

Remember the ribbon sticks I made?  Huge hit!  I made a CD with some ocean/sea/sailor music and the kids danced away.  Some of the mixed adult/kid titles were Roll Up The Map by The Never Land Pirate Band, Yellow Submarine by The Beatles, Excursion Around The Bay by Great Big Sea, Under The Sea by Samuel E. Wright, Fresh Off The Boat by Nelly Furtado and Rock The Boat by Party Animal.  Have fun with this and pump it!  We certainly did in our Under The Sea Kids Club!!

Note: I wish I had had more songs from The Never Land Pirate Band...all the kids got into the Roll Up The Map, so cute.

The next 20 minute to make craft game had the kids fully engaged (all ages) for more than half an hour which is incredible at this age.  Two pieces of bristol board taped together and then edges rounded to make a terrible but effective looking lake.  Cricut used (thanks ma) to make many fish of various sizes, paperclips put on (thanks papa) and then put into the lake. Each kid was given a fishing pole from the Dollar Store (there is a magnet in the lure) and alas we were fishing.

The official fishing rod "untangler". 

So that's it folks for this project.  Hope you enjoyed taking a swim with us over the past week.

On to the bunny hop? 


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