Monday, 6 February 2012

We Love You THIS Much. A Valentine Handful.

Isn't this a great idea?!  I saw something similar on-line and had to create my own with a Swell Dish twist.  These are the hands of my two little boys placed on top of each other and assembled to make this Valentine for their daddy.  It folds up and fits into a 5x7 envelope very well. 

I personally don't have the greatest or most pleasing penmanship so I created these little hearts with the tag lines via software.  You can download it here for your own use.  I used the pink and white hearts above but I did also create a red version should you prefer that (note "I Love You" is also on the pdf).

A total keepsake, hope you enjoy.


Oh...I should mention this was my second attempt at this craft.  The first time I used two different patterns for the boys hands and well lets just say it was a bit much.  Definitely keep it simple especially if you are stacking more than one hand. xo

Download Tags Here

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