Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Kids Construction Birthday Party Part 2

Here are several more photos from the Construction Party, the first being the invite that I created for the affair. 

The goal of the rest of the photos is to show you yet again how even the best of intentions can go so terribly terribly wrong.

How can you have a construction party without an area dedicated to digging?! I really wanted to set up a sand station outside but being that I had some major concerns about the weather I brought the sandbox in and filled it with packing popcorn. Now I knew it would be a disaster but not to this extent! I did look at other options but given the volume I needed this was the most cost savy solution....in retrospect, the sand may have been better.

Photos of the Digging Station:
1. At the time this photo was taken I was very impressed with my resourcefulness.

2. During this time I was glad to see the kids enjoying the station but starting to worry that the parents will never let them return to my home. These packing kernels broke into even the tiniest of pieces and were full on up the kids pants. Oh....thank you static clean for making this day a nightmare for all!

3. Okay, so not a photo of the digging station (birthday boy with pinata) but take a look at the floor in the background!! My whole house what like that.

I used a shop-vac for a week straight....no exaggeration needed on this one folks.

We had a wonderful time obviously; with kids you can judge the success of your party by how long you are cleaning up afterwards.

Tomorrow, construction cake and cookies.


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  1. Wow, everything looks great! I was wondering what program you used to create the invitation? Im in the process of planning a Construction Party when I stumbled upon your site. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks and Great Job!