Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Diaper Cake: The Early Version

Don't you just love looking back at the crafting items you have done over the years?  I have a baby shower tomorrow and it made me think about the diaper cake my mother and I created for my sister all those years ago.  Sure its cute but my head is filling with ideas of what I would do if I had done it today.  Even your crafting improves with time....its like watching your wardrobe and hairstyles evolve over the years but seriously less painful!

Have a wonderful Sunday all.  No post for me tomorrow. 

See you Monday.



  1. So thats the first diaper cake you ever made?

    1. Hi ediapercakes,
      Yep that was the first attempt, so many things I would do differently now! I checked out your site, looks fab! Well done. Some really beautiful gifts on there.

      Would you ever consider adding some diaper tricycles to your offering? When I made that one last year it was a major hit and I'm sure others would love to order them from you!

      Keep us posted and good luck!!