Friday, 3 February 2012

Valentine Paper Heart Gift Card/Note Holders

I have never liked the little generic pocket envelopes you receive when you purchase a gift card so here is a great alternative for those you love this Valentines.  This paper craft literally takes 5 minutes to create (faster if you are practised) but adds much joy for the recipient. 

 Steps to make:
1.  Need a square piece of paper, scissors and double-sided tape.  Red heart above was from a 10" square of paper, the other from a 12"square.  Cut the square along the diagonal and put aside one of the triangles.
2.  With triangle long side towards you fold it in half.
3.  Open fold, take the top point and fold 2/3rds of the way down the crease.
4.  Fold one tail up using the crease as a guide to make it straight.

5.  Fold other tail up and turn over.
6.  Fold the triangular tail ends in half.  Line up everything.
7.  Finished heart with out rounded corners.
8.  Fold in the corners to round out the heart wings.

 9. Tape down bent corners.
10.  View of back of heart with rounded wings. 
11.  Tape backside opening down to prevent items from slipping out.
12.  Turn over, embellish and add gift card or message.

Cute and open to a million possibilities.  Perfect combo.


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  1. like the paper craft you have used...I really pick the idea of Gift Card envelopes from it.