Monday, 20 February 2012

Kids Construction Birthday Party Part 1

This Construction Party was for my son's second birthday.  This party was more about all the little boys having fun than it was about look and presentation as you will see in the days to come.  I am in a unique situation as this house will be renovated shortly and as such we don't mind it getting beat up by a heard of little boys which most certainly is not the case for 99.9% of the population.  Please keep that in mind as you look over these party pictures and I will make suggestions as to how you can alter things to be more "house-friendly".

First, I decorated the outside of our home to look like a construction site.  I begged my baby brother to sit outside and pretend like he was sleeping on the job.  When guests arrived he ushered them in and directed them to sign in with the "site supervisor".  That was a huge hit.  Side note....I asked him recently if he would pretend to be a sailor for my other son's first birthday....lets just say he is a little concerned he is playing out the Village People on my front porch (his girlfriend and I think it's hilarious).  Love you bro.

Second, I made out of cardboard boxes a fleet of Construction Trucks for the kids to run around in.  The more I did the better I got and although I could have gone overboard on these I didn't bother knowing they were going to get pretty beat up (and they did!!).  Fun right?!  The basic directions for these I got from

Sourced items:
Construction sign, construction tape, kids plastic hard hats and birthday boy construction vest from

Construction signs
Scholars Choice

Mini Pylons and stick reflectors

Check in tomorrow for more on this party.

Night all.


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