Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Kids Construction Birthday Party Part 3

I had the typical party fare at this gathering for kids.  Pizza, munchies, sandwiches, cake etc etc.  I didn't realise until later that I hadn't taken any pictures of the food in between the running around and making sure that everyone was happy.  My girlfriend did happen to get a few shots of the cookies I made, although I half finished them as they were baked but but not iced.

What we did instead, and something you may find helpful in a cookie crunch, is we painted them with Luster Dust and vanilla.  Luster Dust if you have never used it before is a sparkly powder that you add to any liquid with an alcohol like base i.e. various extracts, hard alcohols etc. and then paint onto your surface.  The alcohol base sets up for quick evaporation and thus drying of whatever you painted which is perfect when you are creating delicate sugar flowers etc.  You can see below the outcome, which I thought looked great for something I really didn't have time for.  My only complaint was I didn't like my favourite sugar cookie recipe altered by all the vanilla we painted on.  Oh well and thanks JR for your help with these on that crazy day!!

My local bake shop named Bale Sale currently has a construction themed window and in this shot you can see what my cookies should have looked like if I had had better time management skills.
Check out those dump truck cookies!  Fabulous.

I also LOVE this cake from Bake Sale and as it kicks the butt of the cake I made for the party I am too embarrassed to even post it.  Nice.

Finally, to close the coverage of the construction party here is the back of my son's birthday could I possibly resist?!


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