Wednesday, 15 February 2012

DIY Gift Bag. It Really Is This Easy!

I just love that I can completely personalise the gifts that I give people right down to the paper and look of the gift bag (which I am a huge fan of over wrapping!).

I couldn't believe how easy this DIY gift bag was and it literally took me 5 minutes.

You need: a heavy duty gift wrapping paper, something to wrap to create your bag i.e. a book, double sided tape, fancy scissors, a hole punch and ribbon or rope to make the handles.

To Do:
1.  Cut the paper as though you are going to wrap your mold.
2.  Fold the paper around the mold loosely and secure with double sided tape (if its not lose enough you won't be able to get your "mold" out of the bag.
3.  Fold one end closed as though you were wrapping the mold.  Note: Use lots of tape here!
4.  After removing your mold, pinch in both sides and then fold up the back of the bag.  See the photos above.
5.  Use your scalloped scissors to finish off the top of the bag.
6.  Hole punch both sides and tie your ribbon/rope through to make your handles.

Done and perfect.

Give it a try.


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