Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Best Of Valentines' Crafts Coming This Week And A Funny Story!

Just a quick note to say that I am really looking forward to some of the posts for this week as the crafts are proving to be more and more fun!  So stay tuned.

Now a quick little story.

One year I challenged my husband to make me something for Valentine's Day instead of buying each other little gifts.  We each had a budget of $20 (which he was appalled with) and here is what we exchanged that year.  The first photo is a heart shaped box that I created and filled with my husbands favourite home baked goods.  Cute, classic, maybe a bit amateurish at the time but perfect for him and he loved it. 
My husband created "this" for me.....  Now just imagine my face as my loving husband with the pride of a lion described his creation, his thought process and all the receipts to prove he did not in fact go over the $20 limit.  Yes, in case you were wondering, that is potpourri, a heart shaped baking pan, sugar and little cinnamon hearts glued somehow into the shape of a "J".  ????  It was a centre-piece which by the way could never have the plastic wrap taken off it lest the sugar "get" everywhere (his words, not mine).

What more is there really to say other than I love my husband more and more every day....oh, no I don't still have this "centre-piece" ...sadly it had an unfortunate accident but I have the pictures to remember it by and that is just fine with me.


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