Saturday, 11 February 2012

Ugh Never Again! Brownie Conversation Hearts

Serves me right for trying to do a craft like this with two little ones awake and at my feet the WHOLE time.  Oh it was just awful for both myself and them! 

It seemed like a good idea.  Stacked conversation brownie hearts covered in fondant (store bought)...okay so it sounds complicated now but at the time it should have been a breeze!  I cheated and made the brownies from a mix and baked them in a small cookie tray (next time, if there is one, I may try this with cake instead).  I wanted to use the brownies as I thought it would crumble less than cake and end with a "prettier" product.  Note:  Make sure you butter and flour the pan very very well as I had some issues getting the brownie out of it.  I used a cookie cutter to make the heart shapes and melted the fondant with a bit of water in the microwave and added my colour.  I made the sandwich with a bit of the fondant as paste and then poured the fondant over the sandwich to get an even and smooth icing.  Once they were almost dry (I should have waited until they were totally dry) I used gel to put my sayings on them. 

That is the version without all the kid crying, me bribing etc etc.  Finally I gave up, took them both in the other room and focused only on them.  I was sitting on my knees (almost in a ball) in front of my 11 month old and I put my head down slightly so I could look up to get a better look at all the fondant that was hanging in my hair.  At that moment my beautiful son put his forehead to mine and we both smiled.  He stayed like that for probably a minute but for me it was an eternity as everything stood still and I saw only him. 

When he pulled away to pick up a toy I realised I was missing my other son and it was "a little too quiet".  I made my way back to the kitchen to find him sitting on the floor eating the cake I had dropped (and truthfully forgot about between all the crying and such).  Now can you imagine the chaos that was today?!  I literally walked over this wee cake and kept on going.

My son...."Mmmm, it's good!" 
Me  "That's enough.  Up please."
Him "What a mess!  I help clean."  I don't need to imagine how he would help me do this.

PS The fondant on this cake stained my floor.  Thank goodness this house is being gutted in a couple of months!

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