Sunday, 5 February 2012

Love These "Love Bug" Valentines

I came across this awesome idea from Dandee Designs while searching for "boy" valentines for my sons and I just had to try it.  Dandee was sweet enough to put the PDF for these jars on her site so you simply need to download it, print, cut and assemble.  The hardest part believe it or not was actually finding the "bugs" to attach to these valentines and after much running around I picked them up at our local party store (skip the dollar and craft stores on this one...I must have tried a million of them with no luck).  I attached the bugs to the card stock by tying them down using a needle and thread as I was certain the hot glue would not cut it on this one.

Aren't they fantastic?!  Well done Dandee.  Thanks.  This is one Valentine all boys would want to take home...oh and I'm keeping one for myself.

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