Thursday, 16 February 2012

Perfect For A Girls Party Favor: The Hairband Pop

I love planning girls parties and coming up with ideas like this is the reason why.  I think the Hairband Pop is adorable and perfect for a take-me-home after a girls birthday party.  Really easy to make, not junk food and something that 99% of little girls use.  I like the messy look but you can just as easily make it look more structured.  I also buy the thick hairbands as you obviously need less of them to cover the ball but they may not be as practical for the hair of little little girls.

A small note:  I used a 2 inch Styrofoam ball in the above and if I had remembered how big these things get with all the hairbands I would have chosen to go smaller.  Careful not to go too small as you don't want to have to try wrapping the hairbands twice as the bands end up being not the easiest to work with.


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