Thursday, 19 January 2012

A Year of Crafting Begins: Where ever do I start?!

So it looks as though this blog is going to be a heck of a lot more work than I thought especially when it comes to being able to provide some interesting and creative crafts.  Between updating periodically on the status of my resolutions I will also be posting as many holiday/occasion ideas as I possibly can for you (and juggle two kids, a household, my "real job", help my hubby at his work as well as find some quality time for "us"...oh and a few house moves and renos during the coming year).  I am exhausted already!  So tonight I am going to spend one hour thinking up ideas and then....I may veg in front of a movie. 
Night all,
(P.S.  The heart above is to prepare you for one of my fav upcoming occasions...the next few weeks will be fun.)

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