Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Beginning: The Circus Party

Throwing my creativity in the direction of children's parties actually started with this circus party late 2009.  I desperately wanted the exterior of our home to be as welcoming and creative as the inside for this party so I put together a mini tent that you had to walk through before you entered our home. 
It was super easy to make, you can do it too!  You need a hula hoop, rope, fabric, hook, heavy duty safety pins and bows. 
1. To start make two identical panels out of the fabric (above was from Ikea) and at the top of each panel fold it over 2" and sew the edge to the panel (so you can feed the rope through it).
2.  Feed the rope through both panels and gather the material together at the top of the tent.   Once you have connected the two panels tie the ends of the rope and cut excess. 
3.  Next you take your hula hoop, lie it flat and using two long pieces of rope tie their ends to the ring so they cross (one piece is tied to the north and south area of the hoop, the other tied to the east and west). 
4.  Feed the strings with the hula hoop through the underside of the fabric and through the loop at the top of the fabric panels, link both ropes to the hook. 
5.  Hang the hook somewhere low so you can work on the top of the tent.  Use the heavy duty safety pins to attach the fabric rope ring (fed through the panels) to the ropes attached to the hula hoop. 
6.  Use safety pins to connect the fabric panels together at the level of the hula hoop on both sides.
7.  Use safety pins and bows to tie back the panels to make the tent openings.

Clear as mud right? 

Second photo were the cupcake toppers I created for the party.  Love having things personalised!

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