Saturday, 28 January 2012

Valentine Fortune Cookies

A girlfriend of mine gave me a birthday fortune cookie (thanks JS) a couple of days ago and she and I both fell in love with the idea of being able to make these with our own personalised messages.  So I figured it out and here they are.  I will say that until you get the hang of evenly folding these suckers practise on cheap white paper as it takes some getting used to.   
You need a paper circle (I used a 5 inch diameter but you could just trace a CD), double sided tape, a fortune (I printed my at a 14pt font) and ribbon.
1.  Bring two edges of your circle together and make sure everything lines up.
2.  Lightly press or tack the centre of your circle.
3.  Hold the circle edges together with one hand and use the other to push up on the centre of the circle and down on the two wings of the soon to be cookie.
4.  Bring the two wings of the cookie together.
5 & 6.  Put in the fortune cookie and the ribbon.
7.  Use a piece of tape between the two wings and proceed to hold it together.

Just adorable.

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