Sunday, 22 January 2012

Save you the smarties when baking.

Valentine craft disaster today.  If you have any wild ideas of trying to make chocolate chip cookies with pink and red smarties please think again!  Unfortunately I didn't listen to my inner voice when it nagged me at the bulk barn today suggesting this was a bad idea and yet I couldn't remember WHY it was a bad idea.  I had my rose coloured glasses on as I pictured cute little Valentines' cookies beautifully packaged and ready for distribution.  No sir, instead they looked like medical misfits; albino smarties surrounded by either a pink or red halo.  Hubby thought they were "fine" (don't you love that word when it comes to your cooking?!) and still edible....sorry bud, garbage they went as resolution number four was slapping me in the forehead. energy to make another batch of old faithfuls.  1 Valentine Cookies : 0  Dish

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