Friday, 27 January 2012

The Speedway Party Part One

Here is the Speedway party that I did last year that really turned out to be a lot of fun.  Although you may feel that this is a bit complicated you can scale down the graphics and stick to the concepts.  All of this was done with a design software but you could create similar looks with cut and paste (the old fashioned way...literally scissors and glue) and Microsoft Word.  Be creative and think outside the box.  Also to personalise party hats simply print your design or logo onto adhesive paper and affix to the hats. Very very easy and yet so often forgotten...remember there is no age limit to the party hat ;o)

I love paper cupcake toppers (yes I know...all you chefs are cringing) because it's an inexpensive way to personalise them.  Price it out yourself, paper on a stick with your child's name on it is much cheaper than a fully decorated cupcake that matched your theme.  The sticks are sucker sticks you can buy from any craft or cooking/baking store. 

Stay tuned for more ideas from the track.

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