Monday, 30 January 2012

The Speedway Party Part Two

I love doing water bottle labels for parties.  They are very easy and really make your guests feel like you "thought of everything" which let's be honest is exactly what you want them to think even when you are thinking otherwise!  I started out by tearing one off a water bottle to measure it and then created my own using a design software but you could certainly put something cute together using Microsoft word and some imagination.  I usually print 3 per page (8.5x11) and then take them somewhere to use a colour copier.  I suggest you price it out and if you need a ton of labels try printing on larger sheets (11x17) at a copy centre which would reduce your cost per label.  I then typically use their guillotine cutter to quickly and easily chop these babies up....using the rulers on the cutters makes it a breeze.

Banners for this party were fun to make and put up but the pictures are not the greatest (sorry).  The birthday banner I did in a checkered flag look with little red cars hung between the words and at either ends.  You could make this out of a checkered material (cut and string the flags) and by pasting the letters on if this paper design is overwhelming for you to attempt.

The year picture banner was actually construction paper made into an oval track, with lines and all (great work LB) and the monthly cars with photos/labels arranged on it. The only downside with this design was you needed a very large wall to be able to put it up as opposed to hanging the banner from point A to B.  Even with that said this most certainly was my favourite monthly banner made to date.

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