Monday, 16 January 2012

Resolution Number Three...A Little Cheese Please

3.  Now the challenge (work) begins. I resolve to try to locate and thus connect with four lost friends from various periods of my life. A success is measured by locating and meeting face to face with said individual (skyping is permissible if outside of province). We may now have absolutely nothing in common but I would like to thank them for their gift of friendship back then and share some laughs reminiscing.  Although I will have four attempts only one contact for the year is needed to fulfill this resolution but obviously the more the better.  Sound easy?  I guess we'll see!!  

First Quarter:  Nicole (high school)
Second Quarter: Laura (elementary school)
Third Quarter: Alicia (university)
Fourth Quarter:  Margaret (childhood pre-school)

To be noted I am in no means a 'mushy' individual just someone very very grateful for all the blessings in my life. How often do you tell people thank you for impacting your my case not nearly enough.

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