Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Valentine Pinwheels and Pencils

I love pinwheels although they can be a bit challenging when it comes to safety.  If you want them to be operational it inevitably involves some sort of pin or tack which for obvious reasons limits age groups.  With that however because I love the idea of handing out Valentine pencils with a pinwheel attached I have also included here a kid safer version (notice I said "safer" due to the fact that a small button is used) but the pinwheel is fixed.  Some have used a brass fastener and have had success....I didn't have any on hand.

1.  Square piece of paper, I used a 4x4 above.
2.  Put a pencil dot in the centre of the square and draw lines from the four corners of  your square towards the centre leaving an inch gap. 
3.  Make pencil marks on every other corner of the pinwheel and poke all dots with a straight pin.
4.  Cut the lines and start to bring every other coroner into the middle and onto the straight pin.
5.  Push the straight pin into the eraser of the pencil.

Test it out!! 

Version Two:

In the "kid safer" version I used a needle, thread and button to hold the pinwheel together. When completed I taped the pencil to the back of the wheel.


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