Friday, 11 May 2012

My First School Mother's Day Tea: I'm A Proud Momma!

Today was a milestone, a day that I will never forget.  Don't expect a big bang story, today was an hour of mother/son sharing in an environment that he loves; his school (daycare).  Today I was treated to an hour of tea and treats and playing with my wee man while he showed me proudly the puzzles, books and toys that make up his mornings 5 days a week. 

I looked around at all the other proud mom's, us sharing a few giggles but really each focused on absorbing the experience with our special little partner.  I met the little girl that apparently kisses my son daily and her mother who tells me she hears a lot about my little man when her daughter is at home.  I took a few pictures of her in case I might need them for a distant wedding decades from now (this shouldn't surprise you about me thinking that far in advance to be prepared for such a party). 

A sincere thanks to Kathleen and Nelvie for making today so memorable for us mom`s.  You really are stars.

I know Mother`s Day is Sunday but for me today was the most perfect day to celebrate the love between mother and son.  Perhaps it`s not being treated like a Queen or a bit of time to relax that is important on May 13th this year.  Perhaps it`s as simple as being allowed a quality uninterrupted hour with each of your children to share, bond and love.


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