Monday, 14 May 2012

I ADORE Meri Meri Party Products...You Must Have A Look See!

So clearly I am a die hard DIY'er.  I can pull off some really amazing parties when I put my mind to it but I have to tell you since last week (when I was officially introduced) I fell in love with Meri Meri.  

Sure I've see a few of her products here and there but they were always "cute", "a great idea", "why didn't I think of that" moments, nothing too earth shattering.  That was until I found an awesome store (you'll hear about that later) that really carried a full line of the Meri Meri products and I was done for.  

Every theme has a FULL line of accessories, right down to the 3D centrepieces that are beautifully created and would be a "true centrepiece", the most elegant version of the word.  One of my fav's (it was hard to choose) was the Peter Rabbit Carousel below (its packaged).  Please look for that on the Meri Meri website. 

My only fear now is that I'll suffer an identity crisis if I'm not staying up all night before the next party trying to pull all the details together...  I may actually break down and let Meri Meri do all the work for me.
 Although I am sure I could think of a million things to compliment her fab products...

Check it out.

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